Social Mirror™ ads look like your social media display or video posts but appear on other websites and apps, linking back to the social media platform and your website, and run across all devices using our targeting strategies. We’re “mirroring” the EXACT look of your social post as an ad that runs on thousands of OTHER websites and apps.

Social Mirror Stats Image

Why are Social Mirror™ ads so effective? Because of how people are spending time online. Social media leads the charge at 22%. The rest of the time is spent doing online searches, reading content like news or related articles and research, emailing, making purchases, and using multi-media platforms like music, video, and more. So yes, social media is a place we spend time, but almost 80% of our time is spent elsewhere. This is why Social Mirror™ ads have been so successful. Consumers are accustomed to seeing ads within their social feeds but when those posts begin to show up in many of the other places they explore online, they generate curiosity and grab their attention.

Social Mirror™ ads can be done with any organic or paid posts from your credit union on these 8 social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, Pinterest, Snapchat, or YouTube. The ads are like a hybrid of a social media post and a display ad because they look like a social media display or video post, but instead, they appear on other websites and apps that then link back to the social media platform and the credit union website (depending on where the user clicks).

Social Mirror Ad Sample