The Onboardability platform involves four specific stages, each one designed to accomplish a specific purpose and lead your new members along a journey that deepens engagement and cements loyalty.

After you’ve properly welcomed your new members (Stage 1) and helped them activate their new accounts (Stage 2), it’s time to pick up speed. The Cross-Sell phase of the Onboardability roadmap starts 30 days after the new member has joined.

Stage 3 Image

In this stage, it’s time to generate interest in new products & services and expand your new member’s relationship with your credit union. By using the data we’ve collected about your new members so far, we can offer the best products to deepen their relationship during the time they’re most likely to take action. Our processes not only increase interest, they also enhance conversion.

Cross-Sell is the third phase in a comprehensive onboarding strategy to steer new members toward engagement & loyalty.