The Onboardability platform involves four specific stages, each one designed to accomplish a specific purpose and lead your new members along a journey that deepens engagement and cements loyalty.

We’ve set the course (Stage 1), got in gear (Stage 2), and picked up speed (Stage 3). Now it’s time for your new members to start enjoying the ride of doing business with your credit union. The Loyalty & Retention stage of the Onboardability roadmap starts 120 days after the new member has joined.

Stage 4 Image

In this stage, we’ll build on the onboarding experience by continuing to engage them and build loyalty. Here we do things like expand on brand messaging, connect them to financial education, check in with additional surveys, ask for feedback and referrals. We bring this stage home with a personalized anniversary notification on their one-year anniversary with the credit union.

Loyalty & Retention is the fourth stage in a comprehensive onboarding strategy to steer new members towards activation and engagement.